More About Me

JASON: Brokerage Partner | REALTOR®

Pilot. Engineer. Entrepreneur. Pioneer. Real Estate Professional. Jason Archer is a native Idahoan best described by his friends as being accomplished at everything he does while keeping it fun and exciting. This blend of discipline, determination, and good energy is ultimately responsible for forging his success. Jason began his professional career with a degree from Boise State University in Electrical Engineering and Applied Mathematics. During college he was Engineering Student Body President, did research for NASA, and was even chosen to participate in low gravity research aboard NASA's "Zero G" aircraft based out of Johnson Space Center.

Post college, Jason enjoyed years in Engineering & Project Management at NASA, Blue Wolf Enterprises, Hewlett Packard, Innovative Air, and along the way even became an instrument rated pilot. He first entered real estate as an investor purchasing his first property in 2013. After achieving some success, it seemed logical to become licensed and apply his skills to helping people achieve their real estate goals. Together with his wife, Felecia, He founded Archer Group Real Estate where they bring a high-powered complement of strengths to their clients and currently at 25 transactions a year and poised for massive growth. Their success as a married couple extends beyond real estate to their personal life where they are the proud parents of three beautiful, growing, well mannered, children.

Jason's goal is to provide an experience that is second to none. His commitment to excellence breeds unparalleled reassurance in his ability to provide a polished solution to anything his clients need, real estate or not. "My goal is to not only make an impression but make a lasting impact in many lives."

FELECIA: Brokerage Partner | REALTOR®

Felecia Archer is a native Idahoan best described by her friends as a kind, cheerful, organized, honest, and efficient professional who excels in any setting. Before Real Estate, Felecia’s professional career began in customer service at the age of sixteen. This led her to the International Air and Hospitality Academy to broaden her horizons in the aviation industry as a flight attendant (where her successful completion of the academy brought multiple job offers from all across the country). After a glimpse of the traveling world, Felecia chose to apply her passion for helping others in the healthcare field completing an Applied Science in Surgical Technology degree leading to an occupation assisting in surgery and caring for patients at both of Idaho’s most prominent healthcare facilities, St. Alphonsus and St. Luke’s. Within a few months of starting at St. Luke’s, Felecia received numerous letters of recommendation from the doctors she worked alongside as a favorite in the operating room due to her proficiency, attention to detail, and pride in her work.

Felecia could see an opportunity arising to again apply herself to an even broader spectrum of help seekers. She understood that, like surgery, real estate can be one of the most important decisions of a person’s life and her skills and love for helping people would be invaluable. Felecia first entered the real estate world as an investor alongside her husband, Jason, and after some success, eventually decided that getting licensed would allow her to best work directly with people needing help. Together, she and her husband founded Archer Group where they are able to bring an invigorating complement of strengths to their clients. Her success with her husband as a married couple in business also extends beyond real estate to the finance industry where they provide customized financial guidance for clients in areas such as life insurance, investing, and even helping them raise their credit scores to be able to qualify for a mortgage on that first home.

Felecia exudes a genuine desire to work closely with her clients in helping them achieve all of their real estate dreams and she believes that to truly help someone is to “provide a service that brings something to the table which cannot be bought or measured monetarily.” Her goal is to make every client a client for life.